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I had only seen like 2 full series/OVA, rest were movies, jumped to Watamote after seeing Tomoko on a picture with drinking around a table, figured it would be similar and worth a shot, ended up marathoning the whole four hours of it with EDs and OPs every episode and reading the manga Now I mostly read mushy cute stuff like Karakai, Gakkou Gurashi and Love Lab and watch some of the popular comedies that come every now and then i watched like half of HOTD and Gurren lagann on some shitty australian tv channel a couple of years after airing.

Animefave netnaruto dating sim

Honestly Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are both very fun in their own ways but Z barely edges it out for me as I always found it much better at being atmospheric if that makes sense. Haruhi is a very weird show for me because I can't really describe why I don't like it.

It's not bad, it just never did anything for me I guess. I think it was Now and Then, Here and There, but it very well might've been Alita, the original Gundam, or some other not obscure show. Mostly rented from Blockbuster until Toonami came along.

I wanted to learn the source of the desu meme and tried to watch it dubbed at first, but realized then it wouldn't have desu in it so switched.

I honestly cant remember what series made me start watching anime in general, what I do remember are the mediums that made me get into it, those were the Light Novels.

I didn't know what anime was, and my english was pretty bad.