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In the US the opaque surface of the record was patented in 1907.Since US rules allow patenting without commerce the actual manufacture may have started as late as 1915 when the Federal Novelty Imprinting Co.

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The material could be black, a brownish opaque or colorless translucent.

The first presently known reference to a gramophone postcard is an advertisement in the 17 November 1903 issue of the German language Phonographische Zeitschrift, when Zonophon G.m.b. at Berlin announced they would distribute an "epochal" invention described as "Die sprechende, singende und musizierende Ansichts-Postkarte".

Teil: Der Schalltrichter, Jg.18, Nr.28, November 2006 The basic idea of a gramophone postcard is to glue a single sided miniature disc record onto a postcard and punch a center hole through both card and disc.

Since the normal shellac compound used in the manufacture of disc records would be too heavy and breakable, the disc records could be made of plastic material or celluloid.

The cards employed are of standard size, while the records, which are secured in the middle, occupy about one-half of the space on the side to which they are attached.


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    / The priests / monks and nuns they either burnt at the stake / or took them onto the ice of lakes and rivers / (in Franconia and Bavaria) and doused them with cold water / and killed them in a deplorable way / as Boreck reported in the Bohemian Chronicle, page 450" By 1528, less than ten years after the start of the Reformation, the lords of the Frankish margrave territories switched to the Lutheran faith.

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