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I am a computer professional dating back to the olden days when you programmed them by positioning eight switches and then hitting "commit" to write a single byte. I have obviously seen many changes over the years, but since the introduction of the consumer PC, I am not sure any have been quite the magnitude of change that Windows 8 represents, at least not as rapidly.

I already bought a copy of Windows 8 Pro but I am hesitant to install it on my Windows 7 Pro desktop.

Is it lighter-weight, freeing up RAM for applications? As I said, as a computer professional I will need to familiarize myself with it quickly, but I am reluctant to use my chief production PC merely as a training tool for myself.

To sum it up, does Windows 8 offer any material improvement in usability or efficiency over Windows 7 for the desktop user who has no desire for a touch screen, or indeed does it have any advantage that might warrant its installation as a replacement OS on a desktop or laptop other than the sharing of the user interface with touch-screen devices?

I have installed Windows 8 as a dual boot because I am in a similar boat as you.