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But now that's beginning to change, as the growing gap between rich and poor has made the notion of raising taxes on the wealthiest Americans more politically palatable.

"Income inequality has become an increasingly salient issue at a time when, amid news of astronomical corporate salaries, many people feel economically insecure about such bread-and-butter items as healthcare, pensions and college costs," the paper reports. John Edwards, whose tax plan involves raising taxes on the rich to cut them for the middle class."The top 300,000 income-earners in America now make more than the bottom 150 million combined," Edwards said when unveiling his tax plan.

The reporters, Tom Robbins and Jerry Capeci, former colleagues at the New York Daily News, had interviewed mob moll Linda Schiro 10 years ago for a book that was never published.

During the interview, they asked her some questions that were very similar to the ones she was asked on the witness stand over the last few weeks in the trial of ex-FBI supervisor Roy Lindley De Vecchio. This put the reporters, as Robbins noted in his own account in the Voice, in the mother of all binds.

A man was facing life in prison based on the words of a witness they knew to be a liar (in at least one of the two tellings, anyway). In the end, Robbins wrote they decided that, "The threat of a life sentence trumps a promise."And so the charges in the "sensational quadruple murder case," as the New York Times calls it, were dropped yesterday, with much ink spilled today surveying the wreckage for "warming signs" of Schiro's shakiness.


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