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So much that they joined us on our pilgrimage to Paizo Con UK IV in 2012.

And then another two for yourself and two more for each of your friends. As you can see, I am a master of wit and word, and a master of every creature I encounter. One of our home players, Jester, asked if their friend, Carol, could come along. Carol and Jester became fixtures of our gaming group.

His answer was short and sweet—"Plan it and send me an email." As we packed up to head home, I mentioned to Carol, Jester, and Crispy that all one needed to do to hold a convention was plan the event and send an email to Brock. She jumped in feet first and we spent the car journey home discussing logistics of our first event.

At the end of Paizo Con, I asked the visiting Campaign Coordinator, Mike, what I needed to do to run a convention and get Paizo support.

We are lucky enough in the UK to have loads of really great GMs who will happily give up their time to attend conventions and run games, but if you only have a couple of GMs you need to plan for a smaller event.