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What kills us is intense attachment to our interpretations and failure to distinguish these interpretations from sensate reality.

This process of learning to categorize experiences, and then forgetting the distinction between categories and experience itself, is what I call learning how to lie.

While Blanton does recommend practices such as yoga and meditation in helping to combat this problem, his main claim is that telling the truth is the key to removing the power our minds have over us.

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I want a lot of people to know my name, now and after I die.

I want to be known as a great intellect, and perceiver, and I want to be smarter than anyone else.

In a lot of ways this book reminded of The Power Of Now, and if you liked that book then you might enjoy this as well since the message is largely the same.

If you haven't read much self-help work before this will be a difficult place to start.

The idea of radical honesty is only one part of the book, and arguably not even the most focused on.