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The 2,026 square feet of living space contain a library, a family room, an updated kitchen, a bonus room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The singer-songwriter, actress, comedian and TV and record producer starred on “Living Single” in the 1990s and had her own talk show. This year she played blues performer Bessie Smith in an HBO biopic, “Bessie.”She bought the property with personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins in 2009 for $1.34 million, public records show.

Details include high ceilings, a glass-tile fireplace and dark hardwood floors. She listed the house in the fall at $1.939 million.

still, it was hard for her to end her relationship with Jeanette.” , print edition] It sounds like Latifah was stepping out whenever she and Jeanette were having problems, but I’ll also buy that Latifah and Jeanette were having problems beyond “another woman”. Still, if this is even partially true, I feel like Latifah mistreated Jeanette to a certain extent. Here’s a recent photo of Jeanette from a few weeks ago…

Plus, from the Oscar-Nominated "12 Years a Slave", Sarah Paulson/Celebrity Trainer Jeanette Jenkins (2014) ...

(She did, though, on the first episode of her show, talk about how Willow Smith's "Summer Fling" reminded Latifah of a summer fling she had when she was 12 with a boy, which certainly counts as discussing her personal life.) In advance of the Grammys' equal marriage spectacular, many assumed that Latifah would take the opportunity to come out. Is there anyone who doesn't know that she's gay, who can't read between the lines that she regularly sets out?


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