Sara underwood dating rob dyrdek

Pisses me off though @smurf__tm @nicksterproject @summit1g man Its a tough life starting. @Rice Gum Stop starting your vlogs saying "Guys im sorry i havent posted in weeks" followed by some bullshit.

Just say "Look guys, i make enough money where i dont need to make daily videos. @KEEMSTAR Struggling for anything news worthy, then BIG news within 1 day.

Im going to go out on a limb and say this is just hype beast.

Cant hate the dude for it though, whatever will get the leeches to suck blood from you. Gets tiring, mentally, living in meme land every day.

Certaines choses ne s’expliquent pas et même si c’est difficile, je dois reconnaître qu’au final je ne suis plus celui qui peut la rendre heureuse », a-t-il indiqué.