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After which, Vanessa enters the Orgasm World Championship with Kristy Black as her rival. Main problem would be that there's very limited choice of topics people would ask without touching her private life, talking about other models or 'harder content'. It's really erotic : D After which,the film switches to Kiki who interviews Vanessa - this film section must have been filmed in 2014 when Vanessa was still a virgin.

The basis of another photograph set, Love Triangle,is used for a short film called Triangle,starring Vanessa, Sindy Black and Iness - Vanessa is brought to several orgasms with a vibrator. I think it gives a feeling of interactivity some fans do appreciate. After the introduction - a short film montage - Vanessa delicously masturbatesherself to several loud orgasms,just using her fingers - generally using fast,short and sharp rubbing on her gorgeous pussy's clitoris-clitorial area.

When you become a Playboy cover girl and even a well paid " glamour model " you do not make a downgrade into porno, though, of course, everything is possible, but I have many doubts to watch her again to make a boy/girl porno movie I do believe there's one more BJ scene that wasn't released yet.

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I know only that in Italy most models who have made a calendar can often totally change their careers and I truly hope that Heidi will find soon good " sponsors " able to pay her transfers , and, above all, to develop her a look at this video is an excellent calendar which photos were taken At "L'isola D' Elba " in Italy.

Take a look at her twitter account It is possible to ask for a copy of this calendar personally signed by her Heidi Romanova continues to refuse to make further porno movies and there are no unpublished movies.

I have never met true slow reader before so I am naturally curious. It's visible from recent calendar or from Heidi's early work (from fashion to glamour). On the other hand for some reason Heidi's METart, Playboy, Virtugirl, etc appearances ended up tad' stereotype. Which is bit boring on the long run if the career is aimed only glamour appearances.

I like Heidi's old innocent/auburn look or her vamp (whiteboxxx) look but the 'curly something' inbetween those extreme roleplays needs some tweaking in my opinion.

Please, keep going to post your ideas and thoughts towards Heidi here, since you truly write interesting things My apologies.