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Celtic tribes, such as the Carvetti, Parisii, Brigantes, Corieltauvi, Cornovii and Votadini, had been successful in farming upland and highland areas, and the Brigantes in North Yorkshire, for instance, had been known to enclose fields and grew crops such as wheat and peas around communities settled high on Penhill and Addlebrough.

The Roman invasion pushed the Celtic tribes to the western peripheries of Britain.

It’s thought some were grassed over, and may have carried fences or hedges (in a way, similar to how the regional dry stone walls in Cornwall and Devon are made), but it’s unlikely they were entirely stock-proof by themselves due to the height of them.

Within the settlement areas, there are many examples of dry stone walling construction, including cairns, and foundations for irregular and round house settlements.

It wasn’t just shrews either, I learned that field mice, voles, stoats, hedgehogs, bats, toads and slow-worms all made their homes amidst the wall, and hares will scrape a hollow at the base of a wall where it will remain sheltered from the worst of the elements.


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